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Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views & Subscribers: More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. People can find thousands of videos on almost any topic they choose. Apparently it is impossible to expose your content to the right people in this tough competition. As a result, millions of creators decide to buy views for their YouTube content which lead them to get their content pass the first barrier and bring them success. Purchasing views for your YouTube content will give several advantages which include, organic growth of YouTube content and eventually improves your overall exposure & traffic.

Best Websites to Buy YouTube Views & Subscribers

It is not rocket science that Videos which has more views on YouTube are the most to be clicked and watched. Below are the reviews for your best Website to Buy YouTube Views & Subscribers.


Rating: 5/5

When it comes to the best site to buy YouTube views and subscribers, SMMSumo has been a good performer in the industry of social media marketing for the past Five years. SMMSUMO is one of the industry’s leaders when it comes to engagement. They’ve been around long enough now to offer services across the board, from YouTube to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and all other major social media channels. The company offers YouTube Subscribers & Views of the highest quality, and they are one of the few companies that guarantee their services. With 2 Years refill protection and money-back guarantee,  SMMSUMO is the only company that offers such confidence in their services which most of the Companies DON’T give. They state that when you buy YouTube Views from SMMSUMO, the  Subscribers and views they help you to acquire are from real users and will remain forever. You can’t really go wrong with Smmsumo if you’re looking for the best sites to buy YouTube views and subscribers.


2. Followerszeal

Rating: 4.8/5

When you upload videos on YouTube and don’t get the amount of exposure you want, but observing everybody else getting a huge amount of subscribers, views on YouTube at that moment you imagine that it’s your opportunity to sparkle, at that point, we recommend looking at a company called Followerszeal. If you want a boost for your channel and need to rapid-track it to superstardom, we suggest Buying YouTube views and subscribers from Followerszeal. They recognize precisely what it takes to become to be a youtube megastar and have all the features necessary to accomplish that. Not only they are performing excellently in the marketing industry for more than 7 years, but they also state that the view they provide is from real and active profile which will remain forever. With 2 years of free refill protection and money-back guarantee you can assure that the deal will be genuine.



Rating: 4.5/5

QQSumo is one of the best places to buy YouTube subscribers, in our view. It is a company that provides services to boost social media. As they have been in business since 2013, they have a long track record and are based in London, UK. At QQSUMO you gonna find services for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more. When compared to most other providers their YouTube views services also have quite a few plans and options to choose from. Despite the wide range of services provided, their website is professional, easy to use and well organized. They have good protections in place which show that they care about their customers.


4. Alwaysviral

Rating: 4.2/5

AlwaysViral is a marketing company in social media offering services to a variety of social networks. Unlike many other companies in this industry, their website seems to be very reliable. Their customer service is excellent, and our questions were very politely answered. They have great money-back and retention policies in case you happen to have an issue. Overall if you want to increase YouTube’s credibility and need a reliable website to purchase YouTube views and subscribers, we definitely recommend AlwaysViral.



Why People assume that  Buying Youtube views & Subscribers for your content will lead to your video and channel being banned. This is totally wrong, buying views and subscribers for your youtube channel from the right service provider will boost your creditability in the eye of youtube which may end up more and more views and subscribers to your channel.So, Lets start the common FAQs that everyonr may have while Buying Youtube Views & Subscribers :Why it is important to buy Youtube Views & Subscribers

Your main objective is to attract as many viewers as possible when you publish a video on YouTube. The more famous are those videos that can receive a huge number of views. In fact, having multiple views helps you to better track your marketing campaign and judge if your target audience actually watches it. Companies buy YouTube views to reach more potential customers and improve their product’s ability to sell rapidly.

  • If you want to become popular on YouTube, views are important.
  • The more people look at your video, the more it becomes viral.
  •  Even celebrities use this metric to assess how many followers they have around the globe they have.
  • Real YouTube views are required to improve your ranking on the results page of the search engine. Search engines always provide what users want and reward certain channels most accessed by users.

So when you pay for views on YouTube, you get a fast and valid way to improve your platform engagement and become more accessible to millions of other YouTube users.

Is it Illegal to Buy Youtube Views & Subscribers?

Purchasing Views & Subscribers for Youtube is not illegal at all, as long as views & subscribers are real users that has been delivered by Genuine marketing company who doesn’t violate or disrespect youtube’s culture. There is no such law that says it is prohibited to buy views on youtube. You should, however, be aware that YouTube prevents certain tactics including software generated views or Spaming people to watch a video are against Youtube’s terms of service, they aren’t illegal..

Will Your Video Get Removed?

No. If you buy views from authentic sources, the video won’t be deleted or removed. When you buy views from cheap providers, your views will fall at a period of time, but your video won’t get deleted. YouTube takes done those videos which violate its Terms of Services (TOS) that have illegal content. YouTube’s Partner Program Policies says that, You should not use any third party sites or tools to generate automatic views or subscribers. And if you are not a partner with youtube or aren’t monetizing your video, then you are not violating any of Youtube’s TOS.

Will Your Account be Banned?

The only time youtube can act against you or your channel can be banned when you post illegal or go against Youtube’s terms and condition. Even if you are buying views & Subscribers for your content from a Legit provider and have a good reputation in the marketing company, then your channel can’t be removed from Youtube.  And even if youtube start to do so, your competitors would have placed an order on your video link or on your channel link to wipe out your channel from the competition.

Will Your View Count Will Stay at 301?

YouTube will automatically freeze video views as soon as 301 views are reached. This is to ensure that all views are from real viewers rather than bots. If real viewers see the video, the view count will be updated shortly. But when you buy Youtube views from these providers that i have listed above won’t get your video stuck at this number because they all use genuine profiles to deliver the views and subscribers and i do highly recommend using SMMSUMO.

Is it possible to Buy Million of views to go viral on Youtube?

Indeed! And they will be happy to provide you with that. Note, though, if you want to go viral, a high-quality video with content that people can relate to is a must. Your job is to stir up emotions and inspire your audience immediately after watching it to share your video with friends and family. This is what can make your video viral, coupled with their campaign.


A lot of websites that offer video marketing services can be found. But don’t think it’s as simple as choosing and sending a random cheap provider over your money. Always do your due diligence and don’t fall for low prices. You’re just getting safer views from them because they provide real human traffic to make sure every view counts.

Does buying views Really work?

The short answer is: yes it does. You will be able to get as many views as you want and rank higher on YouTube if you choose the right company carefully. However, you have to be careful. Remember to always contact the company from which you are about to buy.

Should you Turn off Monetization When you Buy YouTube Views?

When you are buying Youtube views, Likes and subscribers during the process, monetization is often recommended to be switched off by the company just to be in the safe side. You can turn on monetization once the progress has been completed and get your money rolling.

What does “High Retention” mean, what’s the retention rate they provide?

“High Retention” is a term you hear a lot, it means that your video needs to watch more than 50% or higher. YouTube defines Retention Rate as “an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience on your video”. When buying views, make sure that you buy views with a highretention rate. When you buy views from a cheap provider, many times you’ll find they sell views that only spend a minimal amount of time watching your video. The above-listed provider do provide minimum retention rate of 70% which is more than enough for anyone who is buying Youtube views.

How do you trust these companies?

Through the power of genuine views and subscribers, they have helped more than thousands of YouTube channels to grow. They do believe in creating real bonds and maintaining long-term relationships with their customers. They are a professional team and Their business is run on the basis of honesty and integrity. There are thousands of satisfied customers who are purchasing views & Subscribers from them and rocking the charts on YouTube. They believe in honesty and trust which is the foundation of their organization.

Will anyone know that I have purchased Youtube Views?

Your privacy is a top priority for them and as a trustworthy company, they do guarantee that no one will ever know that you’ve purchased Youtube Views (or any of our services) unless you tell them yourself, You are fully secured with them.

If you purchase just Youtube Views will you get Likes and Subscribers too?

It could be. But as no one have control over it, they don’t offer any guarantees that you would get free likes or subscribers. It’s up to the people watching your videos. Even though they always advise you to keep it normal as well as opt-in for some likes & subscribers, a combination of multiple different strategies will help you boost your Youtube engagement at a much faster rate.

(Most Common question) Do they need your username and password to start delivery?

No. they are never going to ask for your sensitive data such as passwords. Unlike some other shady companies that require your confidential data to run the bot with your account, they don’t need your login information to proceed with the Youtube Subscribers campaign. With them you don’t have to worry about any of that, As all they need is your Youtube Video link/ Channel link to start your campaign.

How long does it take to deliver your order?

It is just as important for them to deliver quickly when you place an order and pay for it. They promise no one will send you Youtube Views & Subscribers as soon as possible at a higher quality rate as they do.

Will You get Any discounts on bulk orders?

Sure, if you want to place bulk orders, you can contact them directly with your order details via chat, call or e-mail, and they will offer you a great discount you cannot resist

You have Queries, how to get it solved?

People always love that 24/7 support peace of mind. Even they want to make sure that you get support ASAP.
They get back to their customers about any problems you have with purchasing Youtube Views & Subscribers.

Ok When you buy Youtube Views & Subscribers from them, if you find any drop on your views & subscribers is there any free refill?

You will get a refill for the next 2 years of your last order when you purchase any packages from them. They are not going to give any free refill after 2 years of purchase.

Do they provide any custom order, you have a specific request for your order is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible! Contact their support team for assistance for large or custom orders. They are going to do our best to work with you on any specific services you need.

You want to be a Reseller, Can you become a Reseller?

Yes, If you are interested in becoming a reseller please be sure to contact them via Email.

Conclusion On Buying Youtube Views & Subscribers

There are plenty of reasons to buy views on YouTube. Social evidence is one of the most important ones. The quality of your video will depend largely on how much social proof or dedication it has earned. Other viewers will be more intrigued and motivated to try it out if it has a lot of views. If your clip has a limited number of views, you’ll be less interested in watching it.

Some of the other reasons to consider Buying Views & Subscribers on YouTube are:–

  • Get unlimited views once you buy Youtube views
  • Your video will go viral on youtube which may lead you more views & Subscribers.
  • Higher chance of getting more organic views.
  • This will increase the social score of your account.
  • It will organically attract youtube subscribers.
  • It will definitely boost your popularity on YouTube.

Purchasing YouTube views is a popular practice, and which is all well and good. It’s insufficient to make top-notch video. You need social confirmation to make it on the system and purchasing sees for your video gives it a push the correct way. Purchase YouTube views from dependable suppliers and see growing your YouTube channel naturally. To conclude, purchasing YouTube views can be a great way to increase your YouTube content exposure and attract organic audiences to your videos. The aim, moreover, is to buy from a reputable supplier known for providing high-quality views, as well as incorporate purchasing views into a larger comprehensive strategy for optimizing YouTube. This will greatly increase the purchasing power by pushing the content to more organic traffic. Try to buy Youtube views on your next video from one of The Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views & Subscribers as listed above and you can see how quickly your channel will draw more traffic.

Alternatively,If you don’t want to spend money and would like to only go with the time consuming & organic method then Check the Amazing Video of Brian Dean: