By Michael Green

Looking for a very easy and cost-effective way to boost your performance at Spotify? Looking for a safe fire solution to ensure that you stand out from the crowd on the most competitive musician’s platform in the world? Spotify, the 2008 music streaming platform captured the market and our hearts by offering talented artists around the world easy access to music. It is widely available throughout the world and provides an open forum for professionals and popular artists to showcase their art. Now, what matters most about on-line streaming platforms is success and the kind of popularity that your music is getting. There is a need of time and effort to be recognized by people, but it’s easy to get popularity on Spotify there is a way that makes it easier. There are many websites which allow you to buy Spotify Plays and Streams. Although you are looking for natural attention, these websites will shorten your struggle by growing your ranking, getting you attention and everything you need in order to build your career. 

Below are the list of the best Websites to Buy Spotify plays and streams to kickstart your career:


Rating: 10/10

SMMSUMO is one of the most renowned websites to promote your audio and video streaming websites, including Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, and any other major social media channel. If you’re looking for a Spotify plays and streams provider SMMSUMO is a great place to go. Their website is straightforward and very easy for you to handle it requires no special skills from you and they offer their services very quickly, claiming that what you purchase from them is guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours. In most cases, they are much faster than they described. They have a list of offers from the smallest to heavy boosts at affordable prices, so choosing an offer to meet your needs does not take you long. Even regular services users will receive some extra plays or streams, doesn’t it sound like advantage when you become a regular customer. The company offers high-quality Spotify Plays and Streams and one of the few companies promising its services SMMSUMO is the only company that offers such trust in their services which most of the companies do not give, with 2 years refill protection and money-back guarantee. They state that the play and streams they help you to acquire are from real users when you buy Spotify play and stream from SMMSUMO they are going to stay for ever. If you’re looking for the best places to buy Spotify Plays and Streams, you just can’t go wrong with SMMsumo.



Rating: 9.5/10

This website offers various packages for your Spotify content to maximize your plays or streams on Spotify. It will increase your success, give credibility to your content, and give you a fighting chance in the world of music. The site also provides secure transactions through its encrypted SSL checkout and was fast to deliver when it came to quality Plays and streams on Spotify. Followers Zeal also provides YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter services as well. Anything under one umbrella and everything you need. Another key feature offered by followerszeal is that they have 24/7 live chat, ensuring that you’ll always get fast answers to your questions. They have developed themselves as a market leader by partnering with high-profile clients including celebrities and influencers. If you’re looking for the best quality Plays and streams at the best possible rates for your Spotify songs, FOLLOWERSZEAL is a clear choice!



Rating: 9/10

Yeah, you guessed it right, it’s the time to go viral with You better visit the Alwaysviral website, if you want to promote your songs on Spotify. Alwaysviral makes the process easier to grow when it comes to growing your Spotify plays and streams. They help you to increase your reputation on Spotify and other platforms at the best prices, depending on your needs. This website also ensures that you receive organic play that popularizes your music and gives you more attention. The more plays you have, the more on Spotify you can promote your music. This website is the cheapest premium provider in this list but does not sacrifice quality which means almost everybody can use it!



Rating: 8/10

QQSUMO is a great website to buy Spotify plays and streams, promote your music with QQSUMO’s affordable price if you want to increase your followers and play on Spotify. Their numbers are great because they have been operating with great success in this niche for 7 years now. They know it the best that a good amount of plays and Streams on Spotify attracts more traffic. It also improves the ranking as they’re offering natural playbacks from real Spotify accounts. Your account can therefore, be eligible for royalties. They can focus on helping clients improve the presence and engagement of their songs. Those who are looking for fast commitment can be assured of providing Plays and streams within 24 hours. QQsumo’s 24/7 Support team is always available to answer all your queries. The best thing is that it’s not expensive and at affordable prices, you can buy it.



Rating: 5/10

This website offers various packages for your Spotify content to increase plays or streams. Through this website, anyone can also promote their songs, you just need to open an account and go through with the plan according to your needs. They claim to quickly provide real plays and streams. View2be operates on various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud. This is cheap and economical Though the packages start from $10 FOR 100 SPOTIFY plays. However, it may not be useful for large brands in search of fast growth. In summary, their rule for refund is very strong. If customers have already received their orders, they will not issue any of these. The only scenario that people can get back their money is if they receive fewer followers than they have ordered.  Their customer care system is always on point as well. Before buying, consumers can ask as many questions as they need. And after completed purchase, these people are also attentive.


Rating: 4/10

The company claims that its targeted social media boosting services will turn unknown users into social media stars. You can place an order to buy Spotify plays and streams on your music or increase your channel followers, but the delivery time is quite long, actually a lot lengthier than others in the league. They stated in their privacy policy that the company doesn’t accept responsibility for any negative consequences that may occur due to the use of their services.  

7. InstaBoostGram

Rating: 3/10

InstaBoostGram aims to offer the fastest delivery speed on the market with real high-quality Plays. It also provides protection on privacy and ensures 100% satisfaction. That means you can receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the plays you receive. The fact that they will refill any plays that you lose on your purchase, and this is another good thing about InstaBoostGram. Even though there is a big draw back about them when you are purchasing for the first time you will be getting top-notch customer support but the next time when you order they won’t deliver any plays, followers or so. Their Customer support team is dead when sending mails about any queries. 

8. Fastlykke

Rating: 2/10

For more than a decade, Fastlykke has been in action. His online reviews are fantastic. This makes it an excellent choice for owners just starting. And of those with experience as well. Both will know that the supplier is trustworthy. The company only ensures that real SoundCloud users function properly with them. And they are active users. The plays are never going to stop coming to the profile this way. The plans to gain play for SoundCloud are costly. 1000 plays will cost $20, which is pretty much higher than other vendors. Premium plans offer some advantages to buyers who want plays.

9. TweetAngels

Rating: 1/10

Tweetangels is a company based in the U.S. that began offering social media marketing services in 2015. They also claim to have served more than 100,000 users, which is quite remarkable. For easier navigation, the site has all of its service links shown on the homepage, making use of its platform friendly. Plays are one of the products that are most affordable services. Within the music community, this are very important This helps to boost podcasts, artists, and creator’s views. One thing that is not so good about tweetangels is that their delivery speed is not too quick. They promise that the plays will arrive within 6 days after the date of purchase, which is not good as compared to other websites available on the internet. Once placed order users expect their plays to be delivered as soon as possible.

FAQ : 

So, why is it considered a negative thing to Buy Spotify Plays & Streams? Most people assume that your Song and channel will be banned if you buy Plays for your Music. That’s wrong, though. Indeed, if you buy Plays from the right provider for your channel you could end up increasing dramatically.

1. Can I buy Spotify plays?

So, let’s talk about the common FAQs related to buying Plays for Spotify.
Spotify is an online platform for millions of online users.  Spotify Plays can be purchased for all your songs.  Not only this but also by using the Spotify play feature you win royalties for your songs and you can earn revenue and popularity. On SoundCloud, having more Plays and Streams makes you look more popular, which will naturally lead to more listeners wanting to jump on the bandwagon. It’s a momentum that can really build up your base of fans at once, in a hurry. More followers lead to even more plays & followers. 

2. Will it Improve Your Spotify Profile presence.

Your Spotify Plays & follower numbers are your online fan’s representation The more you have, the more famous you are going to look in people’s eyes. If you’re an up-and-coming musician, it will give you a big boost in your career. Buying Spotify Plays & Streams is an easy way to quickly obtain the boost and put yourself as the next big act. 

3. Is buying followers on SoundCloud a scam?

No, it’s not a scam to buy Spotify Plays & Followers. Indeed, as extended service guarantees, many reputable providers offer strong customer support and protection. In case of problems in their services, these work as cushions. There are scammers who can try to spook you. They usually sell Plays & followers of  Spotify at extremely low prices. It always turns out that these followers are fake or of very low quality. 

4. Is buying Spotify Plays & Streams illegal?

Not at all. There is no law that prohibits the purchasing of Spotify Plays & Streams. Nevertheless, some methods such as bot plays, followers, are against the Terms of Use of SoundCloud. 

5. Can the Websites remove bought Spotify Plays & Streams after delivering?

This is highly unlikely as there is no reason for providers to do so. The only way you can lose followers is if Spotify deletes them or unfolds them. 

6. Is Spotify Plays Good for Small Businesses?

Indeed, it’s. Most of the owners are artists when it comes to this music network. In this social tool, it is difficult for these small businesses to grow. To start with, they might not have any contacts at all. These makes planning for a short period of time difficult That’s why plays like this are perfect for these people We may have good results for big brands as well.

7. Will Your Song Get Removed?

No. The song will not be deleted or removed if you buy plays. If you buy plays from cheap providers, your plays will fall at a time, but your music will not be deleted. Spotify does the songs that violate its Terms of Services (TOS) that contain illegal content. Spotify states that you should not use any third-party sites or tools to generate automatic Plays or Followers.

8. Is it possible to Buy A Million of Plays to go viral on Spotify?

Yes, yes! And they’re going to be happy to provide that. Remember, however, high-quality music that people can relate to is a must if you want to go viral. Your job is to encourage your audience to share your music with friends and family immediately after Listing it. This is what, coupled with their promotion, will make your video viral.

9. Will anyone know that you have purchased Youtube Views?

Your privacy is a top priority for them and as a trustworthy business, they promise that no one will ever know that you have purchased Youtube Views (or any of their services) until you inform them yourself, you are fully secured with them.

10. If you purchase just Spotify Plays & Streams will you get Followers too?

It could be. But since no one is in control of it, they offer no assurances that you will get free followers. It’s up to the people Listening your music. A combination of multiple different strategies will help you improve your Spotify interaction at a much faster rate, but they also advise you to keep it normal as well as opt-in for buying followers too.

11. You want to be a Reseller, Can you become a Reseller?

Yes, If you are interested in becoming a reseller please be sure to contact them via Email.

12. Will You get Any discounts on bulk orders?

Sure, you can contact them directly with your order details via chat, call or e-mail if you want to place bulk orders, and they will give you a great discount that you can’t resist.

13. You have Queries, how to get it solved?

People always love that peace of mind of 24/7 support. They want to make sure that you get support as soon as possible. When you are facing any problem with purchasing Spotify Plays & Streams they get back to You.

14. How long does it take to deliver your order?

When you place an order and pay for it, it’s just as important for them to deliver quickly. They promise that no one will dispatch you Spotify plays and Streams as soon as possible with at a higher quality rate.

Final Thoughts on Buying Spotify Plays & Streams

During their careers, several talented artists go unrecognized because they have been hidden in massive competition. Because of fewer plays, their content gets ignored and the audience often misses out on amazing music. You can get the initial support with paid promotion to bring the music to the spotlight and increase their ratings. It saves a lot of time and energy that would have gone into the promotion of creativity. So give the edge it deserves to your music, then let the rest take care of your talent. You can pick your promotional play, the tracks to boost as well as the service delivery rate. Playing with special listeners always means that royalty is not lost. So, what’s stopping you now? Choose any of the above Websites to increase your credibility on spotify and get more plays & streams on Spotify, Above are the Top 9 Website to Buy Spotify Plays & Streams for your content. Our Recommendation will be the Top 4 Websites (SMMSUMO,  ALWAYSVIRAL, QQSUMO & FOLLOWERSZEAL) as they all provides 2 years of refill guarantee with all their packages you order and you can take a word for it.