Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays: As a great name on SoundCloud, a trendy desire for young musicians and aspiring artists comes to an instant reputation. Plays and followers in SoundCloud appear to be a fast solution. Such services are provided at a reasonable price on many websites.

Since its arrival in 2008, SoundCloud has become one of the biggest online audio streaming networks. The network helps users to connect with musicians and discover in the real world music beyond their control. It works across continents which makes it possible for the audience to explore various music styles, podcasts and more. SoundCloud has a new reach, engagement and listening abroad in the music industry.

To newcomers in the world of music, this platform is thus a rising sensation. Young composers and artists are able to take their audience into surprise and know about the genre listeners. As an amazing network, the SoundCloud music label and the musicians want to spend their time, effort and money. The more they reach, the more chances they have to pursue a good fan and listen.

The immediate success and popularity of aspiring musicians are to obtain rapid success. One of the quick tools they have is to buy SoundCloud Plays. In fact, the purchasing of followers and plays on SoundCloud is a popular and profitable form of success for the music industry.

Top 10 best sites to buy SoundCloud Plays at an affordable price are listed here:

Best Site to Buy Soundcloud Plays

We all know that we want the most to click on songs that have more Plays on Soundcloud. Let’s then check our reviews of your best Websites to buy Soundcloud Plays.

1. SMMSUMO (recommended)

Rating : 10/10

The company is dedicated to giving its consumers worldwide social media services. They have a very large customer base and have been in business for quite some time.

They tend to only use legitimate marketing tactics to draw real, 100% risk-free, quality works. In the case of the service, they are also pretty quick; SoundCloud play delivery usually starts within a few minutes but can take up to 12 hours in some cases. You can always request a full refund if they do not deliver your order.

You can always contact the company if you have any concerns by using the live chat option, filling out their’ Contact us ‘ form or by e-mailing them. With its quality services at very reasonable prices, SMMSUMO has made a name for itself. It’s a trustworthy company that is proven to deliver what they promise.


Rating : 9.5/10

Followerszeal is one of the best-known websites for audio and video sharing promotion. If you’re looking for a provider to buy plays, likes and followers from SoundCloud, this is the best place to go. The Company is very easy to deal with, they do not need to take special steps to boost their company, so they offer their services very fast, promising that you will get what you order from them in 24 hours. But they are much quicker than claimed in most cases.

They give a friendly response with understanding and listening while trying to contact their support line. The average response time ranges according to peak periods but not more than 30 minutes.


Rating : 9/10

This company is specialized in far more than just SoundCloud Plays or Followers. They are packed with exclusive bundles promising a safe and attractive price for a number of plays, followers, likes and comments. If you want to go a bit more than just get likes for your track, QQSUMO is a company that you ought to take into consideration.

If you are not satisfied, they also offer a money back guarantee and their customer service team is there always to guide you. Customer satisfaction is the company’s main focus, which makes your needs extremely important.


Rating : 8.7/10

It helps you to buy real and affordable SoundCloud Plays. QQSUMO has been a “social media service provider based on performance” for quite a while now. They are well-known for their prompt delivery, optimistic results, competitive rates and good customer service. They will start your campaign as soon as your purchase is confirmed.

Depending on the type of package you want, you get guaranteed results from 1 to 2 days. Although you are on a budget, the majority of their services are extremely affordable. If you have any questions, you can easily contact them through their live chat support, mobile help and email support during the whole process.

And rest assured, every step of the way they will guide you. Eventually, they seriously respect customer privacy and never share customer details, so there is nothing to be worried about. Basically, the best choice for the buying of quality SoundCloud Plays is QQSUMO.


Rating : 6/10

We ordered DDPlays 1500 SoundCloud Plays to test its services. They delivered quickly and as the promised day we ordered them. Infact, they have no refund policy listed on their page, tried to contacted their customer support but we didn’t receive any mail back from DDplay.
We did not receive any external signs of engagement which would make the service look more natural. We did not find a policy for refund, terms of service or privacy, which is a negative mark on their website.

6. AudienceGain

Rating : 410

We ordered 1,000 AudienceGain’s SoundCloud Plays to check their service, and our order was delivered after 6 days from the day of order which is quite slow as compared to SMMSUMO. We just receive only 851 Plays on our SoundCloud track which is 149 plays less. The plays we received were from fake accounts and within a week our track was taken down by SoundCloud. AudienceGain claims to have a solid refund policy in place if anything goes wrong but when contacting their customer support it was too hard to get in touch with them, their contact from was broken and we haven’t received any response back from AudienceGain. Hence, its proved that their so-called refund policy is false. If you want better support and quick response with high-quality plays and 2-year refill Guarantee, try SMMSUMO, FOLLOWERSZEAL, QQSUMO and ALWAYSVIRAL.

7. Media Mister

Rating : 2/10

Ordered 1000 Soundcloud Plays from Media Mister just to check their claim of providing high-quality plays. Our order was completed within 10 days which is way too slow compared to other provider on the internet. While checking our track for the number of plays we receive we noticed that media mister delivered us with 532 Soundcloud Plays with too low-quality plays while checking the next day we lost 143 plays and the next day we lost another 84 plays, 1 week later we received a warning mail from soundcloud that they removed our song for fake traffic. It was hard to find a way to contact MediaMister customer support their live chat option doesn’t work, dropped an email many times but didn’t get any replay back mail from them. It is highly recommended not to use MediaMaiter.

8. FlymeSocial

Rating : 1/10

We ordered 5000 Soundcloud Plays from FlymeSocial to check their service. Our order was delivered way more slower then the given time, the plays was delivered within 10 days but only 2684 plays were delivered to our soundcloud track and the rest was not delivered yet. The plays we received were of too low quality and started disappearing day by day & completely disappeared within a week. We received a takedown notice from soundcloud for that track. Price for these plays was higher and there were no guarantees for any kind of refund or replacement as compared to SMMSUMO.
FlyMeSocial’s Customer support is not so responsive, however, did not respond to any of our questions. Their agents failed to respond any of our questions via live chat. We strongly don’t recommend FlyMeSocial just stay away.

9. TweetAngels

Rating : 0.6/10

You may place an order to buy SoundCloud plays from to raise the followers of your channel. The delivery time is however quite lengthy, far longer than other providers in the league. In its privacy policy, they stated that the company is not responsible for any negative consequences arising as a result of its use of services.

10. GetAFollower

Rating : 0.1/10

GetAFollower sells a wide range of SoundCloud services. Yet their Soundcloud Plays are from ghost accounts and will vanish over night. The consumer support is untrustworthy. The delivery time ranges between 10 and 20 days. The plays they send often come from Russian dead accounts. When you receive them, the following accounts are filtered out by Soundcloud because all plays are played from the spammers account. Any service from GetAFollower is completely unrecommended. STAY AWAY!

The Final Word

Soundcloud Plays can be a challenging thing to buy. Soundcloud is known to delete songs that get too many low-quality plays, so it’s very necessary to choose a reputable provider from the above Best Website to Buy Soundcloud Plays and your track won’t be deleted! We have checked these vendors on different accounts several times to ensure them completely secure for you!


1. Can SoundCloud discover that I purchased plays?

SoundCloud won’t know that you purchased playlists and it’s 100% safe.

2. What if they don’t arrive quickly?

The delivery times vary between orders. The price cards on the SoundCloud services page are displayed every time. Normally 1-2 days are required to start.

3. Who is going to play the track, where will they be located?

The viewers are real viewers from around the world who will play your song. They are 100% secure and will prove to be legitimate listeners in analytics.

4. Will they be playing the entire track?

The music is usually played for 30-100 seconds per play purchased.

5. What if I want my money back?

If they do not fulfill your order, they can offer you a refund within the time limit specified on price cards. Just keep in mind that their order Que and SoundCloud updates often take a little more time to complete the method. If they do not deliver, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. Can you really buy SoundCloud Plays?

Yes! all you need to do is:

  • Look for a well-known provider.
  • Choose the number of plays you want to deliver to your soundcloud track.
  • Now place your order.
  • Wait for the plays to come in. It could take several hours to complete the delivery or maybe several days.

Several upcoming musicians of SoundCloud have bought and obtained advantages through Buying Soundcloud Plays, Followers. Don’t be left behind.

7. Why Should I Buy SoundCloud Followers

It can be a daunting task if you do not know where you should start hearing your music. One way to make this task easier is to purchase SoundCloud plays. These purchases give you a lot of advantages. You should buy SoundCloud plays if you are looking to:

  • Get plays fast
  • Enhance your SoundCloud popularity
  • Enhance your social proof
  • Improve your personal picture

8. Is buying SoundCloud plays illegal?

Not at all. You can purchase SoundCloud plays there is no law prohibiting you. Nonetheless, certain methods are detrimental to SoundCloud’s Terms of Use, such as the use of bot plays.

9. Is it possible for businesses to delete purchased SoundCloud plays after delivery?

This is unlikely as there is no reason for companies to do this. You could only lose plays if SoundCloud unfolds or removes them.

10. Do they need your account password?

No, no sensitive information or password are required. They never ask for any password, so surely they don’t need your account access. You should never share the account details with anybody.